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Emily Ebbs is based and practising on Gadigal land. Her process based work evokes the emotional residue of memories. She focuses on the idea of the stain. The stain shows signs of something marked or discoloured that is difficult to remove where she finds it is closely linked to the idea of past events that shaped us emotionally. Her paintings are devoid of figuration or the human figure. They are nostalgic, contemplative, internalised enigmatic abstractions. Yet there is an implied and palpable human presence and a subtle and intimate fluid energy within Emily Ebbs’s deeply felt works that are an innermost portrait of the artist from a combination of her lived experiences, and observations and imaginings from childhood to adulthood. 
Emily is a finalist of the Mosman Art Prize for 2023. She also recently won the Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olly Art Centre Nancy Fairfax (AIR) award, 2022. Ebbs also won the Prix Yves Hernot painting award, 2022.

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